Electric trolling motor https://strongermarine.com/ru/product_category/trolling-motor/ is something without which there is no good fishing in trolling mode.Many of you have probably thought about the possibility to be able to control gasoline and trolling electric motor from one place and preferably one steering wheel? And at the same time you don’t have to walk around the boat to lower or raise something. That would charge the electric motor was enough for a couple of days of fishing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zstyAFTOn0w&t=12s Trolling electric motor would not steal extra space on the boat. Then this video will be useful for you. Our company spent 2 years on this project. During this time we were able to maximize the efficiency of the trolling electric motor. We were able to develop a control board that minimizes power consumption. And of course we spent a lot of time on the kinematics of the device, etc. We hope that this device will be really useful for fishermen and fans of outdoor activities on the water! Electric trolling motor is a really useful accessory for fishing. The device is scheduled for release in April, 2022. We are taking pre-orders. As the first batch will be limited.