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Many people when buying a windlass not fully aware of what qualities must have their future purchase . The purposes for which they are buying and what its function in the end it should perform . I propose to look into this matter. And to analyze the points of the main aspects of this issue. And so , let’s begin …

1. The winch should have a free dump !

The function allows you to instantly reset the free drop anchor on the bottom. By doing so you will be able to exhibit exactly on the point for further fishing. I think that very few people from the fishermen want, if the anchor is lowered to the bottom of more than a minute , is not it ? In this case, you will not be able to catch the fish you see on the sounder , as for will not give you a long time to be at one point. As a result, for the moment at the middle reaches of you will carry a minimum of 10 to 15 meters. Well, that’s how you know a completely different fishing .

2 . It is important that the winch to work quietly !

It would seem, why such extremes , loud, quiet, who cares … No, it ‘s not that simple , you are among the people , and of not a few important factor , these people are fishermen. In order not to scare away the fish and not to create trouble to others, you certainly would like to , that would hoist without fanfare , could exhaust the anchor. Noble and laudable desire !

3 . It is important that the free reset anchors are not coiled anchor rope !

Yes, this is an important point, if such a mechanism is not provided, then you have to reset after each anchor , engage in untangling the anchor line on the spool reels . Occupation is not necessary and is not fun .

4 . It is important that the winch would not consume a lot of power !

Very important note ! Suppose you have a boat without an engine more opportunities to recharge. In this case , you will have only one source of energy – the battery . So winch should consume only as much energy as for example may contain a small size 40 battery. All logical …

5 . Important strength of the winch cover !

On many sites, in a review of fishermen , we often encounter the exact same problem is breaking cover winch. Often , it is made of plastic. When exposed to ultraviolet rays , plastic begins to lose strength and as a result, we have cracked, chipped and unkempt appearance. May cover must be made ​​of metal ? Then we will not worry about its durability , but if the metal – stainless steel , it looks nice and safe , right?

6. Important mechanism for reliable gear !

This issue is most relevant for today. Many manufacturers skimp on quality of its products and resort to strange enough in our opinion decisions on replacement of metal gears with plastic. Of course, this economy affects the reliability of the winch. As a result , we have a broken winch and spoiled fishing.

7. Reliable coating roller and the housing winch !

Since our goal is not to buy a winch for one year. It is important that she had been treated with a durable compound to prevent corrosion of the metal. Since Wednesday winching quite aggressive and conventional paint and varnish coatings are not very long service life. Perhaps it would be good that the body would have had a zinc coating. Zinc is securely held in a metal stand and use the product in a wet environment !

8. It is important that roller worked like clockwork !

When you reset the anchor, it is important that it does not cling and do not get stuck as a result of contact with the roller body . Unfortunately, in many winches , which are represented in our market, there is a problem . It is important that during the fishing and the rocking on the waves, anchor rope gets stuck between the walls of the roller and the reel . In this case , you have every time you vymatyvanii anchor out of the water , located near the roller to control its operation. It is not comfortable and not practical …

9. Important warranty and service support !

We are a full service support is important . As a result of that , you will be able to call the desired phone number in case of an emergency situation on the water. And hear the sound advice of how to act in this or that situation. As well , you are entitled to a full warranty from the manufacturer . The dealer who sold you the winch should be without any problems, to help you in case of questions with a guarantee.

10 . Details are important in the case of non-warranty repairs !

(Unfortunately , the truth of our lives is that U.S. manufacturers do not care about our country . And the details for post warranty repairs to us practically not available . Finally, after the expiration of the warranty period , in case of breakage of the winch , you are one-on- one be left with the problem of repairs and parts. Yet winch is not cheap , and do not have with a proper service , it is not right!)

Perhaps this is one of the most important points that are sure for you as a buyer of such products are relevant .

If you have a similar opinion with our opinion at the expense of the construction and operation of the windlass , so our product is perfect for you and model winch Steel Hands 40 – this is exactly what you need!

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