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In this article we would like to touch on setting rules boat anchored model Steel Hands 40. Most recently, the address of our service center received a windlass Steel Hands 40. As a result of the opening of the machine and inspection, our experts have identified the problem.

On the motor shaft directly in the center, which houses the thread groove formed 3 mm to the lack of thread turns. After examining the causes of this problem, our specialists have established the cause of the problem.

The fact is that as the vessel is anchored, the owner of the winch did not wait for the moment when the pinion abuts against the thrust washer placed on the motor shaft, a signal for this action was to serve as the beginning of the retrieve anchor line winch.

As a result, the pinion, which is located on the shaft of the motor did not come in a regular engagement between the two gears and reverse gears shaft coil, which arose uneven load gradually began to destroy the thread on the motor shaft. This process was not fast, but fairly constant. As a result of treatment with a winch shaft has worn. Gear no longer have the opportunity to move freely on the shaft, as a result there was a breakdown in and out of the winch system.

Therefore, dear clients ask you to pay attention to the right to use the anchor winch model in this case Steel Hands 40. Only by careful operation of your anchor winch, it will serve a long and trouble-free!

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