Good afternoon dear friends!

To us questions act concerning our new development, namely regulator of position of transducer sonic depth finder. We are pleasant, that you profess interest to our products. This most important for us to be useful! We are ready to answer the most popular questions and so we will begin.

1. Is this device for what needed? In fact it is possible to treat and without him, if to fasten transducer directly on транцу of boat. What difference, in fact device and so so will screen information.

Answer: For experience fishermen obvious circumstance that for the receipt of exact information a signal from transducer must be reflected from the bottom of reservoir without distortions. Thus a ray is sent and accepted transducer must be perpendicular to the bottom. Because exactly at such variant we can look after the veritable and integral picture of what be going on a day reservoir. Obtaining it is possible only by one method by regulation of corner of position of transducer. There is not sense in acquisition of expensive sonic depth finders if we can not observe this most important rule that is described in instruction on the use of practically every producer of sonic depth finders. Whom a not secret is not for, that position of transducer can not be static. We it admits, when a boat is on water in the mode of drift, this first position of inclination of transducer, if a boat moves fast not in the searching mode, this second position, if a boat moves in the mode of troll this third position. Motion of boat on speed is this fourth position. And here all is another no less important factor is this amount of load and place of his placing in a boat. As we see, great number of factors influence on the changes of angle of slope of transducer. Our device is intended for adjustment exactly of these factors.
2. That is included in a delivery of regulator set and that is included in a delivery separately of control stand set?

Answer: a regulator, cables for a management and energising, management button, roofing timbers, instruction, warranty sheet, is included In a standard delivery of regulator set. In a delivery of control stand set included, control panel, comptroller, cables for a management and energising, instruction, warranty sheet.

3. Is a management possible by a regulator at motion of cutter?

Answer: The use of the governor is limited by the boat speed. For each version of the controller (PRO and LITE) the maximum speed is different. This is due to the fact that when using elongated versions of the transducer, its entire area rests on the water and works like a transom plate. The actuator used in the device is not designed for such huge loads. Therefore, to travel long distances at high speed, we recommend lifting the transducer out of the water by pressing the up key on the panel or on the device control button.

4. How many time did occupy the tests of this device on water in the real terms and what results on reliability of device?

Answer: This device exactly year tested on water. For this time, we brought in the row of changes in work of the management program. We picked up the optimal angles of slope of transducer. What his work was maximally adapted under different terms that were enumerated in our answers ан questions are higher. In respect of mechanical part, a that device declared oneself from the best side and worked all this time without censures.

5. Is a management possible by one control panel by two regulators at once?

Answer: Yes, it maybe. In this case, two regulators will work synchronously. And it will decrease your budget in turn, will save additionally a place on the panel of devices. Well and most important your devices will be exact in the testimonies!

6. On my device panel there is not a place for placing of your control panel. How to be in this situation?

Answer: In the near time, we will produce a cantilever for editing, that it will be possible will accommodate in any a friend comfortable place up to overhead part of panel cutter.

7. What material are regulators made from?

Answer: Regulators are made from stainless steel. Part of details additionally covered by the special powder-like paint.

8. Is it needed to conduct some maintenance of regulator?

Answer: This device is absolutely autonomous and the special service does not require. As recommendation it is possible half-year to untwist the overhead lid of device and simply to clean the inside of device from garbage.

Perhaps, we answered on questions that set us on this device are most frequent. If you have other questions, we are always ready on them to answer. We hope that after the given answers, less than questions became, and understanding why this device is needed became anymore.