In this article we would like to address the fundamental features of the anchor winch STEEL HANDS 30 . As we mentioned earlier, the winch 30 STEEL HANDS has free and clear once there is a reasonable question . What is the difference of this model from such a wide variety of winches without free discharge , which are already present in the market?

 Question correct ! Yes, indeed , plenty big enough winches . But there is one trick that is commonly used for advertising purposes manufacturers of anchor winches. This is the rate of ascent and descent anchor. Many manufacturers claim different speeds of 20 meters per second , up to 30 – 35 meters per second , but there are all these statements one big caveat !

 When the anchor rope is wound on a coil and armature lifts off the bottom of the reservoir, the rate of rise in this case , reached only 10 meters per minute. Due to the small diameter of the coil which is wound a rope . With a further rise , the diameter of the shaft due to a wound on the spool of rope increases, respectively , and the increasing rate at the final stage when winding the rope.

 That is precisely this final speed usually measure the producers and declare it to their specifications. But in reality , the full unwinding of the rope and anchor it on an empty winding shaft to the manufacturer the speed you do not get.

 Our engineers have developed a model with 35 speed lifting and lowering the anchor 24 meters per minute. This speed was measured by winding shaft whole length of the anchor line ! And is real !

 A comparison with winches competitors, we declare that our model STEEL HANDS 30 now has the highest rate of raising and lowering the anchor of all the brethren with a given class of anchor winches.

 I would like to mention one more time ! Let’s find out what is needed anchor winch without free blow ? The answer is obvious . Let’s say you are a fisherman who is ready to race in search of prey fish all day long. Accordingly , you do not need a function to reset the anchor free , so there is no need for a quick stop in the area of ​​long-term fishing .

 Fishing for you is first of all rest and communion with nature . Your fishing on a peaceful fish does not require quick release anchor, but on the contrary , do you wish to quietly drop the anchor to the bottom without raising too much noise and thus scare away the fish.

 That’s it for this, and there windlass STEEL HANDS 30 .

The winch is designed for use in fresh water . In the case of a winch in salt water after the salt water to the winch mechanism , and it requires mandatory parts fresh water desalination parts that would prevent corrosion.

 We hope that our quality winch will allow you to enjoy fishing and relaxing on the water with your friends and family!