Hello dear friends!
In the address of our company receive many letters to tell about testing our products. What tests are used, why did you choose this design winch, etc. We appreciate your interest in our products and we certainly have something to share and stories to tell.
Production anchor winches is quite a narrow business and certainly every one of you realizes that in order to buy the winch, you need to have at least the boat itself. Unfortunately, in our country can have such a luxury is not all. And starting your own business, we were aware that all will not be easy in the first place, we need not repeat the already existing analogues in the market and surpass these analogs in design and quality, respectively.
We respectfully refers to the presence in the market competitors. Especially brand Minn Kota. This brand has won many quality of their products and of course the innovative designs. But it seemed to us, without winch features a free-reset is the development of the past. Our life is very short, that would spend her time for such things as lowering the anchor to the bottom by a motor, it is long and not very comfortable.
We also enthusiastically embraced the market on our anchor winches TRAC. Free reset the anchor was a novelty and of course many fishermen this function appreciated. But it would be good, but the quality of manufacturing products and high level of noise as when you reset and the rise of the armature.
Namely that we think weaknesses both producers encouraged us to the production of Ukrainian anchor winches brands STRONGER.
We understood that the winch should operate quietly, but it must have reset function free. For us, these factors have been a priority in the development of our winches, namely model STEEL HANDS 40.
We enlisted the help of our German partners, who possessed a strong technical base and were able to make the right technical calculations for the reserve power needed for a full and continuous operation.
Work on developing models STEEL HANDS 40 in total took about 2 years. Since the start and until the final version of the winch were produced about 12 different package options, shafts, gears and related mechanical parts.
We have tested about 15 different engine manufacturers, including Chinese. But in the end we stayed on the engine Polish production. Worm gear reducer inside this motor is made of steel and the gear itself is made of durable bronze alloy.
Brushes for motors must be ordered separately in Japan, as to them were special requirements on the part of developers.
Just one of our main objectives was to simplify the design of an electronic circuit relays for electrical winch. I’m sure many of you have faced the problem of failure of one relay potted block, you have to change the whole unit, which in turn is not easy to find, and prices are high. And the most insulting, that it usually happens on the water. As a result, fishing and spoiled the mood.
We have developed a block diagram of the relay using Russian components manufacturers. In the contact group were added relay silver contacts, changes were made in the mechanical part of the switch, and also used for connectors plated contacts prevent oxidation from the wet environment of use.
As for the mechanical part of the high gear all gears in the open gear winches are made by machining the metal, which is much more compressed. And it’s really important! We also considered the option of manufacturing gears by pressing the powder, but eventually this technology has not justified itself due to low reliability.




We would like to touch on the cover of the winch. We have designed and manufactured different embodiments of caps, including a plastic cover. But it was nevertheless decided to stop on stainless steel.
Given the large part of the rigging on the boats of stainless steel winch fits well into the overall design of the boat, in addition to this, stainless steel is not exposed to ultraviolet light. This, in turn, leads to cracking of plastics and its further breakdown.
As they say, the taste and color … But we hope that after a certain operating time, customers who purchase our products understand all the pros stainless steel housing.
Well, now for the main part, this testing of the mechanism winch STEEL HANDS 40.



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(Winter testing)

There is a certain dependence reserve power winch, the recommended power lifting cargo. Many manufacturers have different attitudes to this moment. In turn, our German friends laid the power supply at 5.55. This means that the machine has a margin for a load lifting 100kg (18 * 5.55 = 100). And of course, every one of you may be thinking, why then we announced the recommended maximum weight of 18 kg. They could really be called a figure above. And thus make yourself an extra PR move, but more important for us a reliable product, and people will understand, a good product or not.
That reliability is our priority in the development of the winch. And it is important that you use a winch as long as possible, and for this it needs to operate in the correct mode. It is for this reason, figures were announced at 18 kg.
At your request, we show two videos with testing winch STEEL HANDS 40. The video was shot without goals for future display, namely, as a working video, so please apologize for the quality of the movies. On the balance scale in pounds, please take this into account when considering video.

In the near future, on our site you can watch videos on installing a winch STEEL HANDS 40 per boat. And just watch the video with the answers to the issues with social networks.