Good afternoon the respected friends!

Often our clients ask about reliability of mechanism of anchor winch of STRONGER during a stand at anchor, when her mechanism, loading, related to wind, waves and ton of д. Similarly they are interested by a question about loading that an anchor rope is able to survive, affect. As we already wrote before, our company supplies with the products in the different countries of the world, and also in the countries of European Union. For supplying with products the special certificate that actually and gives a road for realization of products in Europe is needed in ЕС.

The receipt of this certificate takes place by testing of products on all groups. It plugs in itself electric part, part of safety, part of the passive and active loading, part responsible for ecofriendlyness. This very vast testing that implies under itself even elimination of the standard given for testing with the purpose of verification of the maximal loading is actual. Fortunately with our standards of it did not happen, and they survived all conducted tests on perfectly. A fragment is below presented to video on testing of winch in the passive state (withholding of boat at anchor) and accordingly the break loading of anchor rope was tested in parallel. As you see the break loading corresponds declared by us 360 kg And with structural part of anchor winch nothing happened. Choosing our products a client can repose in that the bought product fully corresponds to all norms that is needed for the comfort use of equipment on water!