Hello fans of the water element!

In today’s news, we would like to share with you another news which concerns the new model anchor winch Steel Hands 35. And so in this version of the winch will have 2 versions of the top cover. The first and already familiar version of this metal cover similar in appearance to the cover of the model Steel Hands 30. But it has to be made in black with no elements with stainless steel. This cover will be supplied on request.

And this second embodiment will cover made of ABC material (plastic). So now fans of smooth shapes and ergonomics, finally, we hope, will be satisfied.

Design a new cover our company ordered in a design office in Italy. The task was delivered in addition to the beautiful shapes, functionality and smooth lines, to achieve the usual for our customers strength of the product! Also a lot of attention was paid to the material of which will be made hereinafter covers. It must be resistant to deterioration from heat when exposed to sunlight, UV and changes of temperature.

We hope that our new modern design will delight our customers. In the short publications and a video presentation, we will be able to demonstrate a ready-made product Steel Hands 35 anchor winch.

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Yours faithfully,