Hello dear friends!
In the short transfer, we would like to show you how to disassemble can anchor winch STEEL HANDS 40 without removing it from the deck of your boat. This video will be helpful to those with the passage of time will void the product, as well as in case of warranty repair, which if you want you can spend independently replacing the faulty part.

Unfortunately in lathe production is not possible to repeat every detail, individually machined on a machine with perfect accuracy. Therefore, we assume that hypothetically possible cases related to marriage details. Unfortunately, this practice almost any manufacturer, but a priority for our company remains a full service of our products and satisfied customers.

 But we also understand that a client who has already established anchor winch on your boat, not always able to dismantle it yourself as basically a winch mounted in specialized services and rarely in private. In this case, the customer will be more convenient to change a specific item without removing the winch from a boat, you can send it to our repair service for the whole thing. In this case, our customers will be able through this video without problems change the faulty part.