STRONGER Company commenced the testing phase of the new model anchor winch Steel Hands 20. This model is designed for installation on an inflatable boat. In the basic configuration, it will be supplied attached to the mount on the inflatable boat. The winch will be much smaller in overall dimensions, unlike other models of anchor winches produced by us. winch housing is made of metal and painted with powder paint. For the manufacture of the housing, we applied several different designer metal cutting technology, in contrast to how it was previously sold in the 40 and 30 models. Therefore the winch has a more ergonomic body faces and in our opinion quite attractive appearance.

What I would like to mention! The winch will be on board a lot of the important function of the free armature reset. An anchor line will have a thickness of 4 mm (breaking load 280 kg), and its length will be 30 meters. The winch is designed for use anchors weighing up to 6 kg. Through the use of a less powerful motor of 120 watts will be significantly reduced power consumption. Now, a small battery of 20 Ampere will miss a few days of fishing without recharging.
Mounted on an inflatable boat has the ability to integrate perfectly under any balloon inflatable boat.

We also provided an option to the already mounting an integrated handle for carrying the boat, which is located on its nose.
I would like to touch on the issue of pricing. We expect that the price of the winch kit with mounting on an inflatable boat will be lower than the base price of 35 winches Steel Hands.

STRONGER The company warns that the use of the winch SteeL Hands 20 only possible on inflatable boats. Independently disconnect the anchor winch from mounting an inflatable boat will be equated with the introduction of changes to the winch structure and thus the client will automatically void the warranty on the product.

We hope that our new design will please fans of inflatable fleet. After all, the advantage of using an anchor winch on an inflatable boat, is obvious:

1. Increase the free space in the boat due to the absence of an anchor rope and anchor.
2. The lack of moisture and dirt in the boat after pulling the anchor out of the water.
3. Water safety associated with pulling the anchor manually.
4. The clear focus of the boat down the river, or wind.
5. If you use the remote control no need to move around the boat when using the winch.
6. Finally, it is convenient and safe !!!!!

This is only a small part of the amenities that you will gain from using our anchor winch on their inflatable boat!

We plan that the winch will go on sale in early August. Watch for our announcements ….

Yours faithfully,