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STRONGER company started to design patent rights and the final testing phase of our new development windlass STEEL HANDS 35.
This model is unique in the world! The design office of our company it secretly baptized (Kalashnikov). And such a popular name of this model is the anchor winch got no chance.
As a result of testing of the winch was quite stable and reliable.
To reset the function of the free anchor winch mechanism are no gears, as it was implemented earlier models STEEL HANDS 40. This in turn an order of magnitude increased process reliability of the model. Due to the lack of sound gear Winch I became even quieter, although 40 model it almost could not be heard. As we have mentioned earlier, the winch STEEL HANDS 35 has a function of resetting the free anchor. And in contrast to the 40 models are completely missing the time delay is reset at anchor. This happens instantly. Similarly, anchoring longer requires the extra costs in time. I would like to mention one more important detail. Windlass 35 models exhausting anchor rope on time 25% faster than it does 40 model. But in turn, that for all the seemingly positive and innovative qualities of the 35 model loses power in the senior class of 40 models. Recommended weight of the anchor for the 35 models in contrast to the 15 kg to 20 kg the recommended 40 models. To reduce the lifting factor led the absence of additional gear mechanism, as it was implemented in 40 models. Therefore, when choosing the anchor winch and its power you need to be guided by the recommendations of the first companies producing boats and specialist service centers for the installation of additional equipment for boats. I would like to touch on the dimensions of the new winch. Unlike pattern 40, they became smaller. Dimensions are very close to the 30 model. The design of the upper lid and placing a window, where the coil is installed with the anchor rope also have similarities with the 30 model. Another design change in 35 models displayed on the reel anchor line. Now it is not made of plastic, as in the models 30 and 40, and metal. This in turn will further increase the reliability of the winch. As in all previous models of anchor winches, all the details of 35 models are protected by a zinc coating against corrosion.
Additional equipment windlass STEEL HANDS 35 will be able to connect remote wired remote. Also, you will be able to operate the winch like using your smartphone operating system (Android), and by means of radio remote control. Recently our engineers was realized one more additional feature is a light roller winches for lifting and visual inspection of the anchor in the evening and at night. This function you can also be purchased separately and modernize its winch to your problem.
And of course the most important part for any buyer, it is of course pricing. Due to the simplification and modernization of the mechanism winch our company managed to significantly reduce the cost of production cost. And of course, this fact could not be displayed on the pricing policy for retail sale.
After running the model into production, we will declare the recommended prices. Of course, these prices will differ margin ratio to the base price of each country individually, taking into account the costs of customs clearance.
But we hope to be able to please our customers the pricing for our new products.
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