Good afternoon, partners, colleagues and our esteemed clients!
In this publication we would like to share with you our results for the 2014 and our plans for the current 2015. Thanks to an active sales policy and the quality of our products, we were able to achieve in our opinion quite good results. By the results of 2014, our products have found their clients in over 12 countries. Among active our partner countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Italy. In Russia together with Russian partners organized an assembly line. As a result, sales plans for 2014, our company has complied with the growth of the market by 27%. We are grateful to our dealers and partners for their close cooperation. Thanks to you, we are developing and are doing everything possible so that our products are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues and become more affordable. At the beginning of 2015 our company will be modernized production. Due to this many units and components we are able to produce on their own for their own production facilities. Thanks to leasing program, we are in the process of acquiring high-precision equipment for cutting and bending metal. This will allow us to significantly reduce the cost of production. The plans of our company in 2015 laid reduction of retail prices for our products.

While today we are not ready to announce exactly when it will happen, because it would require a lot of changes and approvals in our company and in the further work with our partners and dealers. But this step is required to be held during the current year.

As far as the price will be reduced, and when in fact it does, you will also be able to learn from our dealers and official information from our official site.

For dealers and partners, this information will be provided in advance that you could adjust their sales and further purchases.

Kind regards,

Company «STRONGER»