Good afternoon dear friends!

Today is a special day for our company …

Another batch of our products was sent to Hungary. And exactly 60,000 anchor winchs left in this batch. And someone will become its happy owner.

Also, we calculated the number of requests for warranty cases for all 7 years of our work. In total, 254 clients applied to us under the guarantee, this makes up about 0.5% of the total volume of products sold. For all 7 years, only 23 motors were separately purchased to replace the regular ones. Of course, we have something to work on and we would like to bring these indicators closer to zero. And we will continue to make every effort to increase the reliability of our devices.

In fact, we are not even talking about the number of products sold by our company. The main thing is your trust in us and in what we do. This is something that you can’t buy for money, you can’t paint in colorful advertising, and you won’t write on the forum or on social networks.

Trust is first and foremost! The time when a person uses your products from year to year and this gives him comfort and pleasure. Only time makes it possible to understand how high-quality one or another product is …. And we are very grateful to you for the fact that in your time, you believed in us …

We have lived not easy 7 years. But they were worth it …

According to the result of 7 years of work, our company has been repeatedly recognized as the best company of the year in Ukraine for its product group.

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We also passed complex tests and tests at the European Certification Center, which allowed us to start selling our products in the EU.


We were the first manufacturers of rope anchor winches, which had the function of free anchor drop and at the same time worked very quietly … So our first Steel Hands 40 winch was born.


Ми стали піонерами в усьому Світі, коли випустили якірну лебідку Steel Hands 35 PRO. Це перша лебідка, яка має функцію, що дозволяє тихо і плавно опустити якір в воду, і лише потім відбувається вільний скидання якоря.


We also developed the first anchor winch for inflatable boats Steel Hands 20. In which the function of free dumping of the anchor is realized and the winch at the same time has compact dimensions and shapes that are necessary for owners of inflatable boats.


Our hand-held anchor winch with the function of free discharge of anchors with its small dimensions is capable of comfortably lifting anchors weighing more than 10 kg without any problems.


We developed our own design of the anchor, which consists of two parts and is able to hold on the active current and the wind with its minimum weight of the boat up to 7 meters long and weighing more than a ton. Also, due to the design features of the anchor, it is able to reduce the load on the winch motor by several times when pulling it into the roll. But this, in fact, is one of the most serious moments when the winch experiences increased loads. A Ukrainian patent has been received at the moment and in the near future we are expecting a patent from Russia.


We were the first to design a unique mount on an inflatable boat. Thanks to which the installation and removal of the winch from the boat takes only a couple of minutes ….


Today, our products are sold to many countries in Europe and the CIS.


Among our partners are many boat yards, both from Ukraine and the CIS countries. In Ukraine, these are manufacturers such as FINVAL and UMC Boat. In Russia, these are boats of companies such as FREESTYLE and ALBAKORE. Thanks to the joint efforts in many boats, the installation sites for the STRONGER winches have already been adapted.

Also during this time, we faced unfair competition in the face of a number of Russian and Belarusian companies that simply stole our ideas and faked our products … And we had to react to this and will continue to respond to protect our rights. But if this happened, then we really invent useful and necessary things … And this cannot but rejoice.


For all seven years, our company has received more than 20 patents for utility models in different countries of the world. And now our new devices are also in the patent process. And yesterday, we finally received the long-awaited Ukrainian patent for a regulator for a transducer. We hope that in the near future we will get the Russian version. There are no analogues to this product in the world today.


We will not stop surprising you! Time does not stand still, as well as the plans of our company. In the near future we will release several new devices at once, which will be endowed with reasonable electronics and obvious benefits for all water motors and especially fishermen. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining patent rights was delayed in connection with the pandemic of the corona virus. Therefore, the release of devices so dragged on in time.

This is just a small part of what we plan to release in a series very soon …


Once again we want to express our gratitude to all of you! All that we do, we do for you our dear customers! Without you, all this would not have happened!