Good day dear friends!

Our company is not standing still and is constantly working to upgrade and improve our production. Wanted to share with you the next changes that have been made by us. And so we changed the material from which the coil and rollers for roulsov. Now they are black. The composition of the plastic has become more robust and mechanically stable by adding special elements. Just change the inner diameter of the coil before he was 23 mm


now it is 30 mm.


Thus increased winding speed of the rope, as well by increasing the inner diameter of the coil, substantially increased the strength of the coil.

Just been a slight change in the electrical equipment. Now the whole contact group crimped special equipment with the same mechanical load. So we completely remove the issue is not related to the holding pressure contacts. Changes occurred also in the choice of the supplier of the relay. Now on winches installed relay brand PIT.


After a long test, they showed themselves, with the best hand.

In the electrical connector has an additional binding winch with a power cord. This makes it easy to remove and install the winch simply unplugging it from the chain without disrupting the already diluted by boat electrical wiring.


The company’s team