Good day, dear partners!

Our company receives complaints from partners regarding unfair competition in the sale of STRONGER products. Cases are being identified when dealers sell our products outside the country in which they must carry out their activities by prior agreement with our company. Dumping and unfair competition occur in the market of these countries. As a result, the retail customer who purchases our products from these companies is misled by the warranty terms, since the STRONGER warranty only applies in the country where the dealer operates. Therefore, if these violations are detected, we will terminate our activities with the violating company! Therefore, we encourage everyone to respect each other’s business boundaries!

As for retail clients. Please analyze where and from whom you purchase our products. If products are sold with significant dumping, this should be a signal to you that these products were imported into this country through pirated means. And you need to be careful about the documents that come with the product. Especially the warranty sheet!

STRONGER company