Good afternoon the respected friends!

Thank you for your interest in our new development to “Regulator of position of transducer sonic depth finder”. We are very pleasant, that a trust to our company and her new exclusive products grows with every year and this we are under an obligation personally to you our the respected clients! After presentation on the web-site of new device, we fixed many rings, letters and reports from different countries in that people planned to acquisition a device on a line in our company. Our position unchanging on this question. We do not engage in the sale of own products. All sales are given to our distributors and partners on countries, where our products are presented.

In the near time a novelty already will be accessible to the orders our partners. Unfortunately the first party of regulators limits on volume and will make only 1000 things. Therefore not all persons interested will be able to purchase a regulator in the near time. Please, fix the orders for our distributors and partners. All volume will be up-diffused taking into account time of placing. We guarantee from the side, decency in this question. Next party of products will be accessible to the sale in 2-3 months.

With kind regards,