Good afternoon friends!
The long-awaited Ukrainian patent for the anchor “DREAM NEW” was received. This anchor has established itself very well, both in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to its unique design with 2 parts, it is capable of holding perfectly at a boat point up to 7 meters long with a weight of 9.8 kg! Special grooves for fixing the safety cable allow you to avoid tangling of algae and bottom debris on this cable. Also, this design allows you to remove the load from the engine as much as possible at the moment when the anchor passes through the roll roller. Thanks to what, your winch will be able to extend the life of its work.


Our company will continue to protect its rights to inventions. There are 4 new products under development. Complex products in terms of operation, operation and electronic parts. And more than half a year has passed since we filed patents in different countries for these products, and we hope that in the near future we will share patents for these products and be able to put them into mass production.