Dear friends!

Nearing the end of 2016. I would like to thank all our customers for their confidence in choosing our products. In 2017, we want to please the owners of inflatable boats, as in the beginning of the year will be published the long-awaited model Steel Hands anchor winch winch 20. It will be bundled with a fixture on the inflatable boat. Winch is on board reset feature free anchor. In the basic configuration of 30 meters of anchor rope, 3.5 mm thick. An anchor line has advanced technologies that allow it to withstand loads up to 350 kg to break! The winch is only for inflatable boats !!! The pricing of the model Steel Hands anchor winch 20 we will announce closer to the end of 2016.

We hope that with the advent of this model anchor winch, life on the water for those who like inflatable fleet will be more comfortable and you forget once and for all about the problems associated with dirty anchors boat anchor line and wet which occupy such a location in the bow of the boat.

Also, in early 2017 we have planned out yet another device that is not connected with the subject anchor winches, but it also has on board and motor control board with processor. This unit will be useful primarily fishermen. Testing on the water have shown an increased interest of fishermen to this device, since it is designed to achieve a good result on a fishing trip. The device has no analogues in the world!

Well, what is this device we are able to announce a little later, because now there is a process of patenting this device as the invention, and not the utility model, as it was during the patenting anchor winches.

Also in 2017 we plan to start producing DREAM NEW anchor weighing 5 kg.

Unfortunately for us in 2017. The prices of our products will increase. This is due to an increase in energy prices in Ukraine, as well as with an increase in purchase prices for the individual components for the production of our products. Until the end of 2016 prices will not change, thus wishing to purchase our products at prices in 2016 will be able to do this without problems until the end of the year.