In today’s article, we wanted to share our company’s development plans for 2016.

So, let’s begin. Of course the first and probably the most important question we are asked is when will finally go into series production model of the new anchor winch STEEL HANDS 35?

Today, we can inform you that the start of sales of this model is planned for mid-February 2016. Maybe it will happen sooner. Follow our news site. A few words I would like to write about the technical characteristics of this model:

1.Free relief anchor

2. The absence of a time delay from the time you press the reset button to reset the anchors, as well as the formulation of a vessel at anchor.

3. In the base of 40 meters of the anchor rope.

4. The absence of even the minimum level of noise during operation of the winch.

5. Operating weight up to 15 kg anchor.

6. Ability to control the winch as a remote wired remote and radio remote control or with your smartphone.

7. Can be installed on an inflatable boat with an optional attachment.

8. 1 year warranty.

Already determined the recommended retail price for this model for the Ukrainian market, is the equivalent of 259 US dollars. Accordingly, in other countries, the price will vary, depending on the cost of delivery and customs cleanse cargo.

If you plan to buy a windlass STEEL HANDS 35, we recommend that you contact your dealer or direct to our sales department and make a preliminary provision for the purchase of the winch. Because the interest in this model quite high, our company received many orders from different countries for the implementation of which will require a certain amount of time. On this to your Powerboating season had already begun using the new winch STEEL HANDS 35 ask you to take care of this in advance. To reserve a winch is not required to make any payments. Enough of your written request.

Due to the planned development of our company we have been able to significantly reduce our production costs, as a result, certain models of winches and accessories for them have become cheaper. So, for example, the retail price for windlass STEEL HANDS 40 in Ukraine will be equal to the equivalent of 299 US dollars. Current prices for 2016 you will be able to learn from our dealers. And also in the near future retail prices will be published on our website in the slides on the main page.

As we started to design another model anchor winch, which will be called STEEL HANDS 20. This model windlass is designed specifically for inflatable boats. It will be bundled with a universal mount for inflatable boats. The winch will have a reset feature free anchor and will be implemented in a fairly compact size. Engine power is only 80 watts. Weight anchor recommended up to 6 kg. We hope that this model will anchor winch excellent solution for fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts who prefer fishing on inflatable boats.

As from mid-January 2016. will go into production the new anchor weighing 8 kg. Thanks to the original geometry of the lower lobe of the armature it has acquired excellent technical characteristics and ability to hold boats up to 7 meters long, with substantial wind gusts. The cost of this anchor is $ 25.

Since the beginning of February 2016. Sales will update fixing for inflatable boats. They are lighter, their appearance became more ergonomic. As well as their cost will also significantly lower current production models.

We ask you to pay attention to the fact that in 2016 a guarantee on all our products will be one year!

This is only a small part of our plans for the first half of 2016. We hope to continue to be able to please you high quality and reliable products that meet all the technical requirements of our time …

Yours faithfully,