Hello dear friends!

Today we would like to share with you our next development that will take its place in the “Accessories” section. It’s about fixing roller to the bow of the boat and all the nuances that come with it.

In each kit we sell winch includes roller which further mounted on the bow and is a holder of an anchor and participates in its reset and rise. But we can not initially provide for how the client will establish a boat roller, and therefore may be a problem to install it.
What is the reason!
In the first place before installing roller, you should pay attention whether at anchor and reset it rise problems with the touch of a boat hull.
Anchor when picked up has a certain amplitude rocking! As a result, you must provide that the roller was brought to the required distance to avoid damage to your boat’s hull.


So at this stage there are different options out of this situation. Many carved a special area of ​​bakelite plywood, other roller set right on the boat, since the configuration of the bow allows it to do without any problems and additional remote elements.
We understand that this is a problem and we developed a special outrigger frame, which in turn is a continuation of the roller and to avoid problems with the installation.

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In addition to the functions extension roller, just this frame can function as an additional roller for flush mounting the winch in the bow locker. To do this, you only need to purchase additional items such as roller and two axes, or buy a product assembly.
Roller will be commercially available in two models. The first option is the extension roller, in the second embodiment, an additional roller for flush mounting the winch.