We want to bring to your attention the novelty of 2019 Steel Hands 10 anchor winch. This model of the anchor winch will be useful both for fans of the inflatable fleet and for owners of duralumin and plastic boats and boats. In the installation on an inflatable boat, you can significantly save free space in the boat, freeing it from the anchor rope and anchor. Thanks to the manual anchor winch, the anchor will be lifted safely and comfortably without significant physical effort and stress, simply by turning the winch handle clockwise.

Also manual winch will be useful to fishermen as a safety winch. Unfortunately, electric anchor winches and “floating electric anchors” are dependent on the use of rechargeable batteries, and they, in turn, sometimes present not pleasant surprises, giving the fisherman the inconvenience associated with their failure, or simply not timely charging. Therefore, in the event of an emergency, you can always use the manual anchor winch installed on the stern of the boat.

The winch is equipped with a roller, anchor cable 30 meters long, 3.5 mm thick, fasteners, a passport to the product and a warranty card. The SH 10 anchor winder, just like its counterparts, has on board the function of free anchor dropping and the anchor rope anti-coiling system when dropping the anchor. Model SH 10 provides for work with anchors weighing up to 10 kg. To ensure the correct operation of the winch when it is mounted, the winch angle of inclination is adjusted depending on the distance between the winch and the roller set by remoteness. The distance from the winch to the roller is possible in two lengths: 246 mm and 4.5 mm. Also, each of the distances for correct operation uses its own winch tilt angle, respectively, the second hole from the bottom for a distance of 246 mm and 3 hole from the bottom for a distance of 4.5 mm.

To reset the anchor, you press the reset lever and then move it to the right, thereby fixing the lever. The anchor under its weight rushes to the bottom of the reservoir, after you have straightened the required length of the anchor cable for anchoring the boat, you return the lever to its original position and thereby bring the winch locking mechanism into the parking position.

The anchor is raised by turning the handle of the anchor winch clockwise. Thanks to the locking mechanism implemented in the winch, you can easily change hands when lifting the armature in case of fatigue.

The anchor winch can be installed both on the deck itself and on the mount to the inflatable boat. or auxiliary platform for open mounting of the winch.

Before installing the winch, carefully read the instructions that come with the anchor winch.

We hope that the Steel Hands 10 anchor winch will take a worthy place in our product line and will be useful for fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities on the water!