Good afternoon dear friends!

Today we would like to present this new product and the remote radio module for wireless control windlass STRONGER. Recently, our company has released a Bluetooth module for controlling winches via smartphones. But not for all customers with a smartphone management is acceptable, and today we will focus on this new device is a radio remote controls for your winch.

It’s no secret that radio consoles have long been part of our lives with you, it’s not just the winches, and many other useful devices that facilitate our task in life. Started to develop radio modules, our engineers had many questions and nuances. The aqueous medium, radio interference from the engine and systems navigatsonnnyh make adjustments to the design and development of both the concepts of radio modules and their casings and accompanying elements for use on the water.

The first big problem for any electronic device is, of course, the humidity! Initially we wanted to go the way of our competitors, who have long implemented a radio module and key chains for their anchor devices. Make a monolithic radio unit, fill it with compound, to find him a place to install a winch cover poses no problems in production. But after studying the issue in more detail, we abandoned this idea. Testing showed that the moisture still gets into the unit through the wire, and thus the electronic board moisture accumulating inside the rather short period of time fails. Therefore, it is not a solution in this situation and we have abandoned such a decision.

So we went in another way. In our version of the on-board winches have connectors for the module. But the module is not installed in the housing under the cover of the winch, and directly to the bow of the boat using the cable that comes with the radio module. The module can be mounted in any convenient place for you, as a variant of a torpedo boat. This will avoid the ingress of water on the radio module to increase the life of the battery inside the radio remote control by reducing the distance from the transmitter, as well as further to protect him from the wet environment ispolzovaniya. As we have decided not to fill the module inside compound. Since in this case the board completely loses the ability to ventilation, which we believe will result in a premature failure of the device.


We would like to pay attention to the radio console. For more convenient use of selected size that easily fits in your hand. Also included is a fixture that you can fix on the dashboard of your boat and use the remote as a stationary remote button. Thus, you do not need to buy a separate wired remote control. A very important and significant element in the development of electric power we thought the radio remote control. In our case, it uses the battery with 23A 12V. This enhanced battery will allow you to use the remote for a long time without her premature replacement.

Due to the elongated console it was installed antenna gain, which can send a signal to a sufficiently large distance up to 100 meters with the condition of the open visibility.


We hope that our new development will be of interest to our customers and will be in demand for more comfortable control of your anchor winch.

Yours faithfully,