Hello dear friends!

Today’s news concerns the customers who purchase one of our very first anchor winch. If the serial number of your winch less than 0000-10214, this information is for you!
Our company has decided on a free replacement coil winding anchor line. Unfortunately, not all the nuances of our enterprise can predict in advance. Namely fortress plastic alloy with the long-term presence in a humid environment with a variety of dynamic loads. After two years of operation we have identified problems with the fragility of the material. The level of rejection of products exceeded the permissible 5% barrier. As a consequence, we had decided to free replacement coils for coil data of the new generation. These coils are used on winches with serial numbers higher than 0000-10214. Total operation for more than 1.5 years of marriage no cases have been identified.
To free replacement you need to write to the address of our production application in a free form, in electronic form with a request to replace the armature coil. At the same time you need to be sure to indicate the serial number of your winch and your contact details. The campaign to replace the coils will operate until the end of the warranty period of your product.
As we wrote earlier, we have the former and future clients. You made a choice in favor of our company and our goal to provide you with the proper service and maintenance.

The company’s team