Good afternoon dear friends! We are glad to inform you that Stronger Company is starting production of the new anchor winch Steel Hands 35S. This winch is designed for use on fresh water bodies and for use at sea. The winch frame, the drive and fixing mechanism including the winch coil are made of stainless steel grade A2, the roll is made of stainless steel grade A4. Due to the use of stainless steel in the mechanism of the winch drive, as well as in the locking mechanism, the winch has gained even greater reliability and durability in performance. What the sea element and open sea waters require …. The winch cover is made in white color. The mechanism itself is constructive in no way different from its counterparts in 35 and 20 models. The anchor winch is completed with an anchor rope 40 meters long, which is also not afraid of salt water and the action of ultraviolet rays. We hope that this winch will take a worthy place in the family of anchor winches STRONGER and will definitely find its admirers ….