Good day dear friends!

In today’s article we would like to tell you about the changes that underwent windlass Steel Hands 35. It is with this update, the value will be produced in 2017 winch. So, let’s begin…

The most serious change undergone heart anchor winch her geared motor. Now in its present design bearings instead of the copper sleeve, as in the previous configuration. With this in mind, the winch will become even more hardy and quiet, and your battery will be able to accommodate a larger loop between its charges.

Since our products are actively supplied to EU countries Our demands were made for the supply of filters allowing installation to prevent radio noise from the winch motor. Since modern navigation and radio equipment is very demanding on this issue. Now these filters are installed.

Make changes in electrical winches, we have replaced the old model to the new switch, which is completely sealed.

Roller winch also did not go unnoticed. Now the edges are bent to the side roller which in turn prevents chafing anchor rope of roller edge.

Pay attention to the small corners that are on the frame and on the roller, it is now thanks to the customer can easily produce their own winch and roller on the boat at the same time, not violating the necessary alignment between these two elements. Simply draw a line on the deck, and then install it on all the elements.

We strive every year to make the modernization of our products, which in turn would further enhance the reliability of the anchor winches and their durability.

Updated winch begins after the serial number 20801.