Good afternoon, dear friends!

Autumn 2018 is generous with new items from our company. And so the next anchor winch, which was waiting for a lot of our customers, and many of our customers have been waiting for it since the spring of 2018. I am glad to present you the anchor winch STEEL HANDS 35 PRO. This model of anchor cable winch is the flagship of the line of our products.

Now more than it differs from its counterparts. First of all, what I would like to draw attention to this model is 20% more powerful than the standard model SH 35! The top cover of the winch is painted with the modern method of Aqua printing thanks to which the lid has become very attractive and modern! The SH 35 PRO anchor winch has a completely new function on board, which until this time has not been implemented by one of our competitors. This function is responsible for the smoothness of entering the anchor water without splashes and splashes. Only after the anchor enters the water does it free discharge. All this is carried out, as before, by pressing only one key to reset the anchor. Everything else happens in automatic mode. This function allows you to less disturb the fish, avoid unnecessary splashes and noise from dropping the anchor on the water, and the user is able to quietly hunt for such a fish for example, like Jerek, who is very timid and does not like excessive noise on the water. As for the technical execution of the winch mechanism. In our opinion, it has become even more reliable. The anchor winch passed a six-month testing on the water in real conditions of everyday fishing and showed itself on the best side. The anchor winch SH 35 PRO will be available in two versions for fresh and salt water. We hope that this model of anchor winch will occupy a worthy place among its brethren and will please our work with our customers!

A little later on our site in the section “Products” will be a technical description of the model.