Good afternoon dear friends!

We are glad to inform you about the start of sales of Steel Hands 10 anchor manual winches. The conducted semi-annual water tests in the mode of everyday fishing showed high reliability of the device. This is really a big step forward for fishermen on inflatable boats. Now the problems with the wet rope and dirty anchor will always be in the past. And lifting the anchor from the water will become as simple a task as rotating the handle of the inertia-free spool on a fishing trip. Thanks to the free reset function of the armature, you can instantly fix on the point. Thus increasing the chances of catching trophy fish and enjoying your favorite hobby. The anchor winch SH 10 is the only anchor winch in the World that is capable of trouble-free operation with anchors weighing up to 8 kg. The winch can also be installed on dural boats as a safety net in the stern, or on the nose of the boat.

We hope that our new winch will please you with its reliability and convenience on fishing!