Good afternoon dear friends!

It would be desirable to be shared out with by you by our new development that from 30.07.2015 enters official sales.

This development touches a remote management the anchor winches of STRONGER. If you are the possessor of смартфона that works as on the operating system Android a version 2.0-4.4, then it is news exactly for you!

Принт прога блютуз

Now you will be able without problems to manage remotely the anchor winch of Stronger  by means of Your смартфона. For this purpose you need to get and set on the communicator the program for a management with Google play. The program is named STRONGER BLUETOOTH MODULE and there is she in appendixes. For her you will have nothing to pay and her can get absolutely any persons interested.


Separately you will require to purchase the bearing-out BLUETOOTH module that has sizes (7,5 cm length, 5.5 cm width and 1,5 cm height). In a complete set wires (long 3 meters), and also regular sockets  that join on the internal sockets of electrical equipment of winch, go along with the bearing-out BLUETOOTH module. The BLUETOOTH  module can be set in any comfortable for you place.

Now it would be desirable to share our opinion, why by us was this device is worked out.

1. Management possibility by a winch from any point to Your cutter. (Comfortably, when you fish)
2. Possibility of the urgent braking of cutter that took a wave from a bank during a stand.
3. A necessity falls off for acquisition of the additional bearing-out button.
4. Unlike bearing-out radio of stand you do not think of replacement of battery, because смартфон for you always in hand and he is charged. In most boats there is a nest for his подзарядки.
5. Well and finally, it is modern, fashionable and comfortable!

Connecting of the BLUETOOTH module takes place on the regular sockets of winches. No alteration for his integration will not be required. This device is integrated absolutely all models of our anchor winches.

For the start of appendix you may need activate bluetooth module in your смартфоне. Then to produce коннект смартфона with bluetooth module of anchor winch by the standard search of devices of bluetooth surroundings. Choose a device with the name of null or HC – 05. Then you need on demand to enter a password: 1234 for establishment of connection with an anchor winch. After establishment of bluetooth connection you can proceed to the use of appendix on Your смартфоне by pressure and withholding by the finger of the buttons with symbols upwards – I подъем, downward is lowering for a management by Your anchor winch.


We hope that this function will be to you after taste and will become a good helper for Your rest on water.