Good afternoon the respected friends!

In a today’s review it would be desirable to affect the question of design of overhead lids of anchor winches of STRONGER, and also quality of their making! Each of us pays attention on original appearance. It behaves to all aspects of our life. At the choice of car, or clothings, at home where we live, or resort hotel for future rest. And certainly a question about the design of our winches was not the last for us. We live in the days of high-tech. A fashion on style and design changes every year and it is impossible to keep up after her. But it seems that we succeeded to give contemporaneity our winches besides innovative functions that were by us worked out and applied in the mechanisms of our winches.


Well and how without testing of lids on the mechanical loading.

Our company goes just the same character near testing of every element of producible by us devices. Maybe for this reason the service center of our company until now sits out of employment… Here already 7… ) Choosing the products of our company you can be repose in that device that you purchased it was collected and worked out with love on the long years of active exploitation.