Hello dear friends!

Pleased to inform you that our company has been testing mount for inflatable boat winches STRONGER. The task before us was not simple. After all varieties of inflatable boats a huge amount, and producers even more. The result was to mount fit all types of inflatable boats and another important factor is not small at the client should not have problems with the installation of fixtures.

As well we have performed tests on mounting and overall structure. Were chosen different weather conditions of service, as in calm and with winds of up to 7-8 meters per second. Due to reasonably spaced loads on base frame mounting winches, as well as all loading mechanisms, boat traffic Airboat was comfortable and reliable.

In the near future, our specialists will be filmed instructional videos. In it you will learn how to install correctly mount and that it needs to be done. We are sure that many who prefer inflatable boats duralumin fleet will be happy to install your boat anchor winch and not feel slighted.

Before that time, almost rubber boats electric anchor winch is not established due to the lack of a complete solution for installation and easy operation.

In the near future, you can buy a mount for inflatable boats from our dealers.



The company’s staff