Hello dear friends! As promised earlier, the product line of our company will expand significantly. We would like to present you a hydraulic trim for outboard motors from STRONGER.


It will be useful for customers who have a motor without trim. Usually these are outboard motors up to 50 horsepower.

Trim is really an irreplaceable thing, as it allows you to adjust the required angle of attack of the outboard motor on the fly, especially when the boat goes to the speedboat. It also helps to pass through shallow areas of the reservoir. It is also necessary for the boat to approach the shore and transport the motor on a carriage. In general, this is a really irreplaceable and necessary thing.

Our trim is hydraulic. In our products we use Polish-made hydraulic components. It contains two elements of the cylinder and the control station. This makes it possible to significantly increase the reliability of the device, since the station will not be constantly in the water. Thanks to hydraulic hoses with a length of 1.5 meters, you can install the station discreetly in any place convenient for you, thereby reducing the sound from its operation and unloading the boat stern from additional weight. The installed hydraulics are capable of lifting up to 1 ton of weight. This fact allows you to preserve the durability of the device, since the mechanism will be used only 15% of the declared power! The trim is made of stainless steel and coated with a water resistant powder paint. The cylinder is made of stainless steel and covered with a special compound that is resistant even for use in salt water. The hydraulic station and the cylinder are IP 68 protected.

An important element in our trim is the special insulating pads that completely isolate the stainless steel trim from touching it, both the stern of the boat and the outboard motor itself, even in the bolt-on points. These gaskets can reduce vibration from the operation of the motor by almost 70%, and they also break the sound wave, which is usually transmitted from the motor to the boat hull. Closer to spring, we will provide all the technical data for our hydraulic trim.

The electrical part will be switched by a special sealed contactor with a capacity of up to 50 Amperes.


The trim will be controlled in several ways. It could just be a remote button


it can be a radio remote control,


or it can be a special panel with the ability to fine-tune the position of the motor, as well as the ability to memorize a favorite position.


In the spring, the product will already be available for purchase in the STRONGER dealer network. We hope this device will help you to spend your time on the water even more comfortably …

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