Good afternoon dear friends!

In today’s article we will focus on the development of our new Dream anchor. Dream means in English, like a dream. Sleep – this is the human condition, when it did not bother the man is completely at rest. It is this condition will experience your boat when you use our new anchor.

якорь DREAM

As you can see, the design concept of our new anchor at first glance, is not new. It is produced from cast iron by casting. Then the anchor was stripping procedure, priming and painting with powder paint.

At first glance, the anchor Dream – is a classic form of the well-known anchor “river.” But in fact the anchor on the technical parameters has a number of design features that help keep the boat even in fairly severe weather conditions.

Now let’s get in order.

Pay attention to the geometry of the petals of an anchor.

They are in the form of a small ladle. The last petal edges are characteristic narrowing via which the anchor very quickly engages as sand, silt and gravel.

The anchor has a weight of 8 kg, but due to their technical features of this weight is sufficient to hold a stable anchor boats up to 7 meters in length. It’s no secret that the life of the anchor winch depends on the weight of the anchor used.

The greater the weight, the greater the load experiencing windlass, hence life of the engine is reduced to a winch.

We set out to design the anchor, which would be the best both in weight and in its technical characteristics. To evaluate the results, we believe that we have succeeded.

As our anchor is interesting in our opinion the technical findings. Thanks to the “antizatseplyayka” system, now you can not worry about the loss of so not a cheap device. Pay attention to the way in which the cable is located. It lies in a special groove in the drawbar anchors. So you do not damage the cable itself is not no roller at the time of entering into it armature. So you will avoid problems with algae which usually cling to the wire in similar models with “not get stuck” function.

якорь DREAM 2

To ensure that you are always able to distinguish our firm anchoring of forgery on it caused our company logo.

We hope that Dream anchor delight you with its capabilities, and this in turn will contribute to your successful fishing!