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In this publication we would like to share with you our new development – anchored “SPRUT” for anchor winches STRONGER. At first glance he looks like the already familiar to all anchor type “Daisy” But this is only the visual similarity. Let’s start with its technical characteristics.


1. Length 220 mm.yakіr

2. trend diameter of 300 mm.

3. 50 mm diameter spindle.

4. The thickness of the metal trend of 10 mm.

5. The weight of the anchor to 7 kg.

Many skeptics immediately ask the question, why such a small weight at anchor? In fact, not the weight of the anchor is fundamental to its stable operation. For the most part it is influenced by many factors, the quality such as the shape of anchors, anchor line length is allotted, the place where you plan to anchor, etc .. It’s not a secret is that the longevity of your anchor winch depends on the weight of the anchor . About it you can read in the passports of almost all manufacturers of these products. Therefore, in the design of the anchor, we take this into account, but also we did not miss the most important factor is the ability to hold the boat on the water flow conditions and moderate winds. Just for us it was important to maximize the load off the winch motor with lifting anchor. During the addition, as part of the anchor rouls arises load associated with perevalivaniem anchor through the rollers roulsa. For this reason, we have developed a special configuration of the upper ear anchor. Thus we load minimized. As for working as an anchor. We have made the test, how to use the same with the real test of the water. We have calculated the dependence of the thickness lopostey anchors and their size, shape and angle of bend, drawbar length anchors and more. The symbiosis of these calculations helped us with the design of the optimal solution. As a result, this design was developed anchor.

With regard to recommendations for use.

When you touch the bottom of the anchor, necessarily requires stretching to the anchor line, if you lower the anchor directly below the boat, it will not give you the desired result! When anchoring has generally taken the golden rule. On-site parking allotted length of the rope should be leveled up to a depth of three times the length of your boat. Compliance with this rule will save you from unnecessary travel and additional installations at anchor.

We hope that our anchor will be appreciated by you. Just maximize the life of your winch.

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The company’s team