Manual control panel for the sonar position controller

Manual control panel for the sonar position controller
Manual control panel for the sonar position controller
Manual control panel for the sonar position controller


In a complete set with a regulator the management button is supplied. By means of her there is possibility to heave up fully a regulator upwards, or to drop downward. Similarly there is possibility of regulation of angle of slope of regulator, but as visual control is absent regulation takes place not exact. On it we recommend separately to acquire a control panel for a regulator.

Control panel allows to carry out more прецизионное management position of regulator of transducer by a regulator. It is very important to have step regulation with the reflection of these stages on a control panel. Without visual control, producing the valuable tuning of device is practically impossible. It is important to have the opportunity to save the individual tuning in memory of device. It allows in future not to influence a device each time, and simply by pressure on the special key to cause the priority, stored position from memory. Very comfortably, when I am in the device of the key of the automatic raising and lowering of regulator. It allows to be not distracted from a management by a cutter during motion. All these functions are accessible in a control panel the regulator of STRONGER.

Functions of control panel

1. Keys of the automatic raising and lowering of regulator.

2. Keys of step regulation upwards / downward positions of regulator.

3. Key of energyindependent memory for maintenance the favourite of position of regulator.

4. Indicator of position of regulator

Managements by the panel of regulator of position of transduser

By brief pressure (1 sec.) on the buttons (MAN) you can obtain regulation of angle of slope of sensor with exactness of setting to 2 degrees for one pressure on the button with a pointer upwards or downward. It will allow to find optimal, most прецизионное position of angle of slope of transducer you, that accordingly will help to get the most exact information on the screen of your sonic depth finder.

If you fish alone, or by a the same command, and use practically the same weight of load and place him in the same places, saving the the same longitudinal trim of boat, then by means of the button (M), by pressure and withholding during 7-8 seconds, you can fix for itself the so-called “favourite position” of angle of slope of sensor of transducer. In this case you will be always able to go back to the “favourite position” after any manipulations with a device, simply briefly (1 sec.) pushing the button (М), and a device automatically will set the sensor of transducer in your “favourite position” that was before stored in memory. Even in case of deenergizator from CU a device, information about “favourite position” is saved in his energyindependent memory of device up to a next change by you this “favourite position”.

 Setting of panel and CU by position of regulator

We set a control panel in a comfortable for you place on торпедо cutters. We lay a management cable to the stern of boat. We connect the loop of comptroller to the control panel. We fasten a comptroller in the place protected from the hit of water and of lines sunny, for example, under торпедо cutters. Further we produce connection of management cables preliminary putting on wires the термоусаживаемые tubes that are supplied in a complete set with a device. After connection of terminals we pull down into place of connection of contacts the termo tube and sit it through a hair dryer. We connect a cable to the source of feed of 12В, observing polarity, (the side network of boat can be used for this purpose).

Technical description and configuration

Delivery set

1. CU by a panel.
2. Control panel.
3. Complete set of wires of connection
- 0.5 meter power cable
- 0.3 meter cable for connecting the regulator (2 meters is supplied with the regulator as standard and you can purchase an extension cord 4 meters long)
4. Roofing timbers
5. Instruction *
6. Warranty coupon
* Instruction is not supplied separately with a control panel, she is in the complete set of regulator with the button.


Max angle of inclination of the sensor, degrees
Min angle of inclination of the sensor, degrees
Power indication
Cable length, m
0.3 and 0.5
Automatic raising and lowering of the regulator
Save to device memory
independent of power supply
Cover color
Operating voltage, V
Producing country
Warranty, months