We are glad to present to your attention the novelty of 2019 boat motor “Quiet Rower”. The electric motor will be produced in 2 versions 60 Lb 12 Volt and 86 LB 24 Volt. I would like to start by saying that the design of our motor has nothing to do with all the variants of the design of electric boat motors on the market. This is due to the fact that this model is installed directly on the anti-cavitation stove of a gasoline unit. And this in turn gives a number of significant advantages. The petrol and electric motors are controlled either by the boat’s steering wheel in the case of a permanently installed engine, or by the tiller of the petrol outboard motor.

In the design of the electric motor there is an electric lift, with the help of which the motor is lowered into the zone of action of the propeller of the gasoline engine and becomes behind it, so it is placed in the so-called “dense water” which is located below the bottom of the boat. Due to this, the efficiency of the electric motor is quite high.

The electric motor significantly saves the fuel of the gasoline unit, since besides long-distance transitions, the rest of the time, it is the motor that is involved.

Also quite important aspect is environmental friendliness and lack of noise from the engine. As it is known at low speed when using a gasoline unit, the exhaust gases spread for several meters in the radius of the boat, so they have to breathe almost all fishing. The situation is similar with the noise from the work of the gasoline engine. With the use of an electric motor, this problem is absent!

Trolling and finding promising places! These are precisely the aspects for which this model of electric motor was actually created. Of course, this is primarily comfort and positive! The boat moves easily both upstream and along it. In this case, the engine power is used less than half.

For owners of boats with powerful gasoline units there is a problem associated with the minimum speed. Even with minimal engine speeds, especially along the river, the speed of the boat does not allow you to comfortably engage in trolling, or searching for a promising place for fishing. In this case, the electric motor is exactly the solution that you need and will help solve all the problems with the necessary speed of the boat.

Efficiency! Thanks to a specially developed electronic circuit and applied electronic power savings technology, our electric motor directly consumes as much energy as is required at certain speeds! Thus, we have achieved a very economical battery consumption. Tests have shown that the gel traction battery 100A on average lasts for 2 days of active fishing!

Security! If a breakdown due to various factors happened to your main petrol unit, the electric motor will always be of help to you and will be able to help you out in such difficult and unforeseen circumstances.

Battery Protection! The device has the function of automatically turning off the device when the supply voltage drops to batteries below 10.8 volts. In this case, the engine will stop working and the lift of the electric motor will raise the device to the upper parking position. This is necessary in order to prevent the breakdown of your battery during a critical discharge.

Quick release! The device has a quick shot function. If for some reason you do not need an electric motor for one of the fishing trips, or in the case with an outboard motor, when you need to remove it from the boat after fishing. You can dismantle the electric motor in just a few minutes. And in this case, you will not need any additional tools. Installation is just as fast.

Movement through the water on a gasoline engine is the same as before. And the installed electric motor will not in any way affect the technical and speed qualities of your boat.

Above we have resulted only a part of points in which you can estimate direct benefit from use of the given electric motor. In fact, there are many more positive moments and once having installed our electric motor on your boat, further fishing without it will no longer be so comfortable …

Quiet Rower electric motors will be available to order later this year tentatively in October 2019. Follow the news on our website in more detail. https://stronger.in.ua/