In the wiring diagram produced by our anchor winches we use electromagnetic relays in Ukraina. Directly under the operating conditions in a moist environment, all the relays have a special protective layer on the silver contacts on the legs, as well as to have a nickle silver coating of the contact group. Thus, it is possible to avoid the oxidation of contacts.
Relay unit was designed collapsible. This enables replacement of a failed separate relays and not the entire unit as a whole. Many people ask us a question, why do not we do a sealed relay unit?

Do not forget that in the filled sealant blocks condensation occurs. And as a result, the moisture got inside is unable to evaporate. Oxidation occurs contacts and their subsequent destruction. Accordingly, this process leads to failure of the entire relay box.

And so, as we said earlier, in the wiring diagram of our winches provide an access for replacement of the failed relay. Owner winch can just buy the relay and make the change by loosening just one bolt and nut on the bracket.

We strongly recommend the use of a relay approved by the manufacturer. Only in this case, you are guaranteed to get a stable operation of the product.

Besides it is not important enough to replace one relay out of service for a lot cheaper than a whole block of electronics, as is done in winches our competitors.

In our winches are used domestically produced wire Odessa cable plant, the quality of products meet state standards. This gives us the confidence that you will not overheat the wiring, and as a consequence, short circuit and fire. We specifically use the wire grade SHVVP with double insulation. In any boat or boat must exist a sharp place, where it can damage the wire insulation. Therefore, we use double-insulated wire.

Control panel design was developed with the security measures on the water. What this means, as you can see, the button is recessed into the panel and thus prevents accidental button while driving and automatic reset anchors on the go.

 Button used to raise and lower the anchor – a momentary. That is, when you press the winch works as long as you hold the button down, and as soon as you release it, the chain will open and stop the winch.

Once again I want to remind that do not need perederzhivat button in the lifting position anchor after anchor will take its place on the roller, do not wait until winch shuts down protective thermal relay. Thermostat is provided to protect an electrical circuit from overheating in case of emergency, while the engine is experiencing a much greater load than in normal mode, so please release the button immediately after lifting anchor roller.

Good and carefree trips you on the water.