An electric trim for a boat motor will figure out why it is needed… Boat motors are an important piece of equipment for lovers of outdoor activities on the water. However, to ensure maximum comfort and convenience while sailing, many boat owners are considering installing electric trim. In this article we will look at what electric trim is and what benefits it can provide.

1. What is electric trim:
– A device that is directly involved in getting the boat onto the glider.
– A device that allows you to raise and lower the motor in an arc. Thereby reducing or increasing the angle of attack of the outboard motor.

2. Advantages of electric trim:
– Easy to adjust the height and angle of the motor.
– Improving the maneuverability and controllability of the boat.
– Saves time and effort when raising and lowering the motor.
– Reducing the risk of damage to the motor and boat.

3. How to choose an electric trim for a boat motor:
– Consider the type and size of outboard motor.
– Determine the required height and tilt adjustment range.
– Pay attention to the quality and reliability of the manufacturer.

подъемник лодочного мотора

boat motor lift

4. Installation of electric trim:
– Preparing the boat and motor for installation.
– Correct connection and fastening of the electric trim.
– Testing and setting up the operation of the electric trim.

5. Product Maintenance and Safety: Electric Boat Motor Trim:
– Regular inspection and maintenance of the electric trim.
– Compliance with safety measures when using electric trim.

Let’s look at the advantages of using STRONGER electric trim (hydraulic).

1: Advantages of STRONGER electric trim
The STRONGER electric trim is an innovative device that allows you to easily and accurately adjust the depth and angle of an outboard motor. It is equipped with a reliable electric drive that ensures smooth raising and lowering of the motor. Thanks to this, you can easily overcome obstacles in the water and avoid damage to the motor.

подъемник лодочного мотора

boat motor lift

2: Ease of use
Installation and use of the STRONGER electric trim is very simple. It is easily mounted on a boat motor and connected to the onboard electrical system. After installation, you can easily control the depth and angle of the motor using a special control panel. This makes swimming more comfortable and safe.

3: Durability and reliability
STRONGER is a brand known for its quality and reliability. Their electric trims are made from high quality materials that ensure durability and resistance to external influences. You can be sure that your electric trim for your outboard motor will serve you for many years, ensuring safety and comfort while sailing.

4: Use Cases
The STRONGER electric trim is suitable for various types of outboard motors and can be installed on most models. Thanks to this, you can take advantage of its benefits regardless of the type of motor you have. Whether it’s a fishing tour or just relaxing on the water, the STRONGER electric trim will help you get the most out of your sailing experience.

If you want to improve your outboard motor and gain more control over it, the STRONGER Electric Outboard Motor Trim is the perfect solution. It offers ease of use, durability and reliability, and is suitable for a variety of motor types. Go to STRONGER’s website and learn more about their products to make your choice. Improve your sailing experience with the STRONGER electric trim!

Installing an electric trim for your outboard motor can significantly improve comfort and convenience while sailing. The correct selection and installation of electric trim will allow you to enjoy active recreation on the water without unnecessary hassle.

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