How to attach an echo sounder sensor with automatic horizon angle adjustment. The sonar sensor is an important piece of equipment for anglers and water enthusiasts. It allows you to detect underwater objects, measure depth and determine the structure of the bottom. However, for the fish finder transducer to work effectively, it must be properly mounted on the boat.

Stronger offers an automatic horizon angle adjustment for the sonar transducer, which provides more accurate and stable measurements. This innovative product automatically maintains the correct transducer position even as boat speed and angle changes. Thus, you can be confident in the accuracy of the data received from the echo sounder sensor. Before you begin mounting your fish finder transducer, it is important to ensure that the selected location on your boat will provide the best measurement results.

How to attach the echo sounder sensor. Selecting a mounting location for the echo sounder sensor:

It is recommended to choose a location where the sensor will be underwater at a sufficient depth and will not be affected by air bubbles or waves. To attach the Stronger Auto Horizontal Sonar Transducer, follow these steps:

1. Mark the location on the boat where you will mount the echo sounder transducer.

How to attach the echo sounder sensor? Ensure that the selected location will not interfere with other systems and equipment on the boat.

2. Prepare the surface for securing and installing the echo sounder sensor.

Make sure the surface is smooth and clean. If necessary, remove old marks from the previous sensor.

3. Unpack the automatic horizon control and check its condition. For further installation of the echo sounder sensor.

Make sure all components are in working order and there is no damage.

4. Follow the instructions on how to attach the sonar transducer provided by Stronger.

How to attach the echo sounder sensor. Typically, installation involves the use of fasteners such as bolts, nuts and washers.

5. After installation, check that the sonar sensor is securely attached.

Make sure the automatic horizon adjuster is in the correct position and ready for use.

6. Check the operation of the sonar transducer and auto horizon after you have attached the sonar transducer.

Ensure that the data received from the sensor is as expected and free of distortion. Attaching a sonar transducer with an automatic horizon adjustment is an important step to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.

How to attach the echo sounder sensor? We hope we were able to answer your basic questions. To find out more about STRONGER products, you can send us a letter or call the numbers listed on the website.

Stronger Marine offers an innovative solution that ensures stable sensor operation even under changing conditions. Use Stronger’s Automatic Horizontal Adjuster and enjoy accurate data from your fish finder.

In this article we will look at how to properly install an echo sounder sensor on a boat: tips and tricks. And let’s touch on the topic of automatic regulators from the STRONGER company.

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