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STRONGER LLC, according to the results of the analysis of foreign economic activity indicators, gained “silver” of the National Business Rating among exporters of Ukraine. The enterprise received the prestigious medal of the leader of the international trade Import Export Award 2017 and a certificate confirming the rating results. ADDRESSEE FROM THE NBR They say that success comes to those who never expect it. And it’s true. We did our business – they built a strategy of moving to the international market, looking for clients and partners, caring for quality, producing the product. But one day a letter from the National Business Ratings was received, stating that we were among the most successful exporters. Of course, it was unexpected. However, it is very nice: our work has been noticed and appreciated, we have outstripped many competitors, achieved high results. Import Export Award 2017 – Confirmation that STRONGER LLC trusts us and chooses us.

“Quote of Commercial Director of STRONGER LLC”, – Kazanovsky Andriy Anatolyevich Analyzing the work of thousands of Ukrainian enterprises, the National Business Rating Company has for 14 years demonstrated positive examples of transparent business, inspires enterprise groups, unites a successful business community of the state. SECRET OF SUCCESS “STRONGER LLC” On our business route, there were many turns, from which the team passed the experience, became stronger, more professional. STRONGER LLC Company was founded 5 years ago by a group of people of one thought who were not afraid to embark on the most daring and essentially heavy lifting projects. The theme of manufacturing equipment for boats and boats is not a simple task, as there were fairly serious players and competitors in the market with several famous American brands. And in order to compete with them, it was necessary to offer the market new features and additional technical advantages that should have been owned by our equipment. These advantages were found in the future, we passed the procedure of patenting our products. And thanks to the well-coordinated work of the entire team, as well as the high quality of our products, we were able to win many markets in Europe and abroad and, of course, Ukraine and Russia in such a short period of time. In the plans of our company manufacturing of completely new and unknown to this time the market of devices. And we are not ready to stop on the achieved and will continue to go forward and glorify our country with good and high-quality products!        Our goal remained unchanged: Reliable products of the European level! To achieve our goals, we are guided by the following principles of work: Quality of let out production, modern service support, occupation favorite business! All of this gives us inspiration to move forward, adapt to changing market conditions, seek new approaches to consumers, and introduce promising innovations. REPUTATION OF THE COMPANY – IMAGE OF THE COUNTRY Identification and celebration of the best exporters and importers of Ukraine is important not only for the leaders of the rating, but for the whole state as a whole. It stimulates the company, which is developing international trade and changing the domestic market. After all, domestic enterprises interested in selling goods abroad, are striving to adhere to international standards of production quality, management, ecology, etc. In this way, their competitiveness is growing, the economy is developing and modernizing. Conversely, domestic consumers who have the choice between import and national products, encourage companies to improve, keep pace with time, grow. All these factors affect the business reputation of exporters and importers, which greatly shape the image of Ukraine on the international scene. We are proud to represent our state now in a leading position!

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