Dear colleagues!

Comes to the end of 2017. On behalf of STRONGER, I want to express my gratitude to you for the fact that many of you have been customers of our company for a long time and have entrusted your choice when buying an anchor winch in favor of our products, we are very pleased! And thank you very much for your trust! We recommend reading the article: STRONGER anchor winch

Unfortunately, our products have never been cheap, in real life the post of the Soviet space is cheap and does not work well and we have never aspired to this. Our task to provide the market is not the cheapest product, but it should be a reliable device with minimal noise in operation, with modern functions of free anchor reset with proper service and guarantee and the most important this device should be maximally useful and convenient for fishermen !!!

Now I would like to say a few words about our plans for 2018.

As always, our company does not stand still and is trying to offer the market new and new devices that would be most useful for fishermen and lovers of active recreation on the water.

And so in the new year, the hand-light winch Steel Hands 10 will see the light. The anchor winch will have a free armature reset function, 30 meters of anchor rope, an anchoring system for anchoring the rope, the ability to change the angle of the winch, taking into account the distance between it and the roul. This is very important for the correct operation of the winch!

This winch will be able to be installed both on a dyural boat on the nose and on the stern of the boat as a safety net. The winch will also be useful for catching white fish for stretching on 2 anchors. And of course this winch will be useful for use on inflatable boats as it is fully adapted for installation on our fastening to inflatable boats! The winch can be used with anchors weighing up to 10 kg.

Also in 2018, a trolling device is planned to be launched, which will be designed for catching deep-sea predatory fish! The device is smart, programmable and will be very useful for fishing! There are already very good results on catching the trophy pike!

Well and one more moment in anchor winch Steel Hands 35 one more unique function which while is not present in one anchor winch in the World, but which will be very useful and modern for fishermen is added! This topic has repeatedly been raised in our branch ….;) But so far it’s a secret ….

Happy New Year, everyone! To all successes, family well-being and excellent fishing !!!! 😉