Boat anchoring – accessories for STRONGER anchor winches for dural and inflatable boats. From today available for ordering platforms for anchoring winches. As well as mounts for inflatable boats not only in galvanized version, but also with stainless steel. This will make it possible to install this equipment on boats and boats. Which are operated on the seas with salt water, as well as for those customers who want to have more reliable sets to aggressive environments of operation. We recommend viewing the article: STRONGER anchor winch


General rules for installing platforms (Boat Mounting) for attaching the anchor winch to the boat deck and to the inflatable boat.

When installing an anchor winch on an inflatable boat, it is important to create a secure and sturdy pad to attach it to. There are several ways to accomplish this task. One option is to use special anchoring pads designed specifically for installing anchor winches on inflatable boats.

The boat mount and pad are usually made of a durable material. Such as stainless steel or aluminum, and have holes for attaching the winch. These provide a secure attachment and load distribution. Another option is to use special reinforced pads on the inflatable boat.

These pads may be made of the same material as the boat itself and are designed for mounting the anchor winch. They usually have additional reinforced attachment points for added strength. In any case, before installing an anchor winch on an inflatable boat, it is recommended to read the instructions of the winch and boat manufacturer. It is recommended to make sure that the chosen site meets the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer.

When attaching the boat and anchor winch to the boat, it is important to use a secure and sturdy mounting pad. Usually, the winch is attached to the bow of the boat where there is a special platform or reinforced structure for this purpose.

The anchor winch mounting platform can be made of various materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. It should be strong enough and resistant to water and other environmental factors.

It is also important to properly secure (boat anchoring) the pad to the boat. That it would be securely fixed and would not cause problems when using the winch. It is recommended to refer to the boat or anchor winch manufacturer’s instructions for exact recommendations on how to install and secure the pad.