Winch Stronger 35 – a reliable solution for your boat or boat The Winch Stronger 35 is an excellent choice for installation on boats and boats up to 7 meters in length. It provides reliable and convenient raising and lowering of the anchor.

Let’s look at the main characteristics of this model. The anchor rope supplied with the winch is 40 meters long and 4 mm thick. It has a breaking load of up to 360 kg, which guarantees its strength and reliability. The winch cover is made of durable ABC plastic, which is resistant to ultraviolet rays and sudden temperature changes.

лебедка stronger 35

The winch mechanism is made of durable galvanized steel, which ensures its durability and reliability. The peculiarity of this model is the quiet operation of the mechanism. It is not only effective, but also does not create unnecessary noise.

The Stronger 35 winch is equipped with a “free anchor release” function. This means that when you press the corresponding button, the anchor comes out of the roller and falls freely into the water. Thanks to this function, the anchor reaches the bottom in just a few seconds. It’s convenient and saves time. The winch motor has a power of 120 Watts and operates at a voltage of 12 Volts.

The Stronger 35 winch is available in two versions for open and hidden installation, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for your vessel. The recommended anchor weight range for this model is 18 to 30 pounds (8-14 kg). It is important to note that Stronger winches are the quietest in operation among rope anchor winches. They also have high reliability and functionality.

The winch body and roller are made of durable steel, which guarantees their durability and resistance to external influences. By purchasing a Stronger 35 winch, you receive not only the winch itself, but also all the necessary components, including fasteners, a power cable and a 1-year warranty card.

лебедка stronger 35

The winch is packaged in durable shipping cardboard, which ensures its safety during transportation. Please note that for correct operation of the winch, it is recommended to use Stronger anchors.

Using a winch without a standard roller is prohibited, so you must purchase and install it together with the winch. The Stronger 35 winch is a reliable and convenient solution for raising and lowering the anchor on your boat or boat. It has high performance, reliability and functionality. By purchasing this winch, you receive high-quality equipment that will serve you for a long time.