The Strong 35 winch is a reliable and quality equipment that will help you with the installation and use of an anchor on your vessel. The anchor winch Stronger 35 is one of the models of this manufacturer. It has high load capacity and durability, which allows it to be used effectively in various conditions and types of vessels. More information about the characteristics and capabilities of this model you can find on the official website of Stronger by the link you have specified:

In today’s article we would like to tell you about the changes suffered by the anchor winch Stronger 35 (Steel Hands 35). It is with such updated parameters that winches will be produced in 2017. And so we start…

The most serious change was the heart of the anchor winch her motor gearbox. Now in its design there are bearings, not copper bushings, as it was in the previous version.

With this in mind, the Strong 35 winch will become even more hardy and quiet, and your battery will be able to live a larger cycle between its charges.


As our products are actively delivered to the EU countries of our company have been required to install power filters to prevent radio interference from the winch engine. Because modern navigation and radio equipment is very demanding on this issue. Now these filters are installed. The Strong 35 winch is primarily the reliability of the mechanism and its ease of use and maintenance!


Changes have been made in the electrical equipment of winches, we have replaced the relay of the old model with new ones that are completely hermetic.

блок реле Стронгер

Rawls on the Strong 35 winch was also noticed. Now the edges of the rowl are bent to the sides that in turn prevents grinding the anchor rope against the edge of the rowle.

Роульс (виносний ролик)

Pay attention to the small corners that are located on the frame and on the roller, now thanks to them the client can easily install the winch and roller on the boat without any problems, without disturbing the necessary alignment between these two elements. It is enough to simply draw a line on the deck and then install all the elements along it. Winch Stronger 35 – has a long history of modernization aimed at improving the quality of the product!

лебедка Стронгер 35лебедка Стронгер 35

Every year we strive to modernize our products, which in turn will further increase the reliability of anchor winches and their durability.

Updated winches begin after serial number 20801.


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