STRONGER winch does not stand still! Almost every year our company introduces changes to the design of the top covers of anchor winches. By numerous requests and appeals this year a decision was made to produce a matte cover with fine chagrin. Well, the opinion of our customers is the law for us. We are pleased to present you an updated design for 2021. We recommend viewing the article: STRONGER anchor winch


STRONGER winches are reliable and high-quality devices designed for lifting and lowering anchors on a ship. They are widely used in the marine industry, fishing, hunting and just recreation on the water.

The STRONGER winch is characterised by its robust construction and high reliability. They are made of high-quality materials that provide durability and resistance to various operating conditions. Thanks to its power and efficiency, STRONGER winches can handle heavy loads and provide safe and efficient lifting equipment.

STRONGER offers a wide range of winches that vary in load capacity, lifting speed, installation performance and other parameters. All winches are rigorously tested and meet international quality and safety standards.


If you need a reliable and efficient winch, STRONGER winches are a great choice. They provide the reliability, performance and durability needed to successfully perform various tasks on the water.

STRONGER winches have a wide range of models with different loading capacity and characteristics, which allows you to choose a suitable winch for specific needs and requirements. They are equipped with a powerful electric motor that provides high speed and efficiency of anchor lifting.

In addition, the STRONGER winch has simple and easy to use control. They are equipped with a remote control that allows the operator to easily and accurately control the process of raising and lowering the anchor.

лебедка STRONGER

Due to this, the STRONGER winch is ideal for use on ships, yachts, boats , where reliable and effective lifting equipment is required. If you need more information about STRONGER winches or you want to order this equipment.

You can visit STRONGER’s official website at: There you will find detailed specifications of each model, as well as contact information to contact representatives of the company. Waiting for your requests and appeals! Your winch STRONGER is waiting for you!