Anchor winch Stronger 35 pro – anchor winch with free release of the anchor. Many people, when purchasing an anchor winch, are not fully aware of what qualities their future purchase should have. For what purposes do they buy it and what functions should it ultimately perform? I propose to look into this issue. And analyze the main aspects of this issue point by point. So, let’s begin…

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Anchor winch Stronger 35 pro

A rope anchor winch for a boat is an indispensable device that ensures reliable anchor fastening and safe stopping of the vessel. This compact and durable winch features a high-strength rope that allows you to release and retrieve the anchor easily and efficiently. Thanks to its functionality and reliability, the cable anchor winch will become an indispensable accessory for any boat owner, providing comfort and safety during anchoring.

The anchor winch must smoothly lower the anchor into the water!

The function of bringing the anchor to the water and then releasing it freely. It was invented by our company! And it was the first anchor winch on the market! Which had this function. This function allows you to smoothly lower the anchor into the water. No noise or splashes!

Then other manufacturers appeared such as Stocker. Who essentially simply stole this development and implemented it in their winch. But having slightly changed the operating algorithm so as not to fall under the scope of the STRONGER patent.

The anchor winch Stronger 35 pro must have a free reset!

The free release function allows you to instantly lower the anchor to the bottom. This way you can accurately position yourself at the point for further fishing. I think that few fishermen will be happy if the anchor sinks to the bottom for more than a minute, right? In this case, you will not be able to catch the fish that you saw on the echo sounder, since the current will not allow you to stay at one point for a long time. As a result, in a minute with an average current you will be carried at least 10 -15 meters. Well, this, as you understand, is a completely different fishing.

It is important that the anchor winch operates quietly!

It would seem, why such extremes, loudly, quietly, who needs it… But no, not everything is so simple, you are among people, and not least an important factor, these people are fishermen. In order not to scare away the fish and not create trouble for others, you would probably want the winch to be able to reel in the anchor without unnecessary noise. The desire is laudable and noble!

It is important that when the anchor is released freely, the anchor rope does not coil!

Yes, this is an important point, if such a mechanism is not provided, then after each release of the anchor you will have to unravel the anchor rope on the winch spool. The activity is neither necessary nor interesting.

It is important that the Stronger 35 Pro anchor winch does not consume a lot of current!

Very important note! Let’s say you have an engine installed on your boat without the possibility of additional battery recharging. In this case, you will have only one source of energy – the battery. This means that the winch must consume exactly as much energy as, for example, a small 40-size battery can contain. Everything is logical…

A reliable gear mechanism is important!

This question is the most pressing today. Many manufacturers skimp on the quality of their products and resort to rather strange, in our opinion, solutions of replacing metal gears with plastic ones. Of course, such savings affect the reliability of the winch. As a result, we have a broken winch and ruined fishing.

It is important that the roller works like a clock!

When releasing the anchor, it is important that it does not catch or get stuck as a result of contact with the roller body. Unfortunately, many winches on our market have this problem. It is important that during fishing and rolling on the waves, the anchor rope does not get stuck between the walls of the roller and the reel. In this case, every time you remove the anchor from the water, you will have to be near the roller to control its operation. It’s not convenient or practical…

Warranty and service support for the anchor winch is important!

Full service support is important to us. As a result, you will be able to call the right phone number in case of an emergency situation on the water. And hear reasonable advice on what to do in a given situation. Also, you have the right to a full warranty from the manufacturer. The dealer who sold you the winch should be able to help you without any problems if you have any warranty issues.

Important details in case of non-warranty repair of the product: Anchor winch Stronger 35 pro.

(Unfortunately, the truth of our life is that American manufacturers do not care about our countries. And parts for post-warranty repairs are practically not supplied to us. As a result, after the expiration of the warranty period, in the event of a winch breakdown, you are on your own you will be left with the problem of repairs and parts. But a winch is not a cheap pleasure! And not having proper service is not right!)

Perhaps these are some of the most important points that are probably relevant for you, as the buyer of such a product.

If you have an opinion similar to ours regarding the design and operation of an anchor winch, then our product is ideal for you and the Steel Hands 35 PRO winch model is exactly what you need!

Everything we do, we do for you!

The team of the company “STRONGER”