Anchor winch Stronger: reliability and efficiency Winches are an important part of marine equipment, especially for yachts and boats, which are often used for offshore adventures and sport fishing.

We are pleased to inform you that from March 24, 2016, sales of anchor winches Steel Hands 35 will start in Ukraine. All winches will be released according to the queue upon prior reservation. We hope that our new model will become a useful acquisition for your recreation and active fishing!

One of the manufacturers of rope anchor winches is Stronger, which offers a wide range of high-quality products for the marine industry. In this article we will look at the anchor winch Stronger model Steel Hands 35 and its features.

лебедка якорная stronger

anchor winch stronger

The anchor winch Stronger model Steel Hands 35 is a reliable and effective solution for yachts and boats of various sizes. It has a special self-resetting function, which makes its use more convenient and safe. The self-resetting system allows the anchor to be lowered and raised automatically with minimal effort on the part of the user.

Main features of the anchor winch Stronger Steel Hands 35:

1. High reliability: The winch is made of strong and durable materials, which ensures its reliability and long service life even under heavy use.

2. Self-resetting system: The self-resetting function allows you to automatically lower and raise the anchor, which greatly simplifies the anchoring process and reduces the risk of injury.

3. Ease of use: The anchor winch Stronger Steel Hands 35 is optionally equipped with a convenient control panel, which allows you to easily and accurately control the process of lowering and raising the anchor.

лебедка якорная stronger

4. High lifting capacity: The winch is capable of lifting an anchor weighing up to 15 kg, which makes it an ideal choice for many types of yachts and boats.

5. Versatility: The anchor winch Stronger Steel Hands 35 can be installed on various types of boats, providing reliable anchorage in various conditions.

Stronger is one of the leading manufacturers of marine equipment, and their anchor winches are of high quality and reliability. A large selection of models and options allows you to choose a winch that best suits the requirements and needs of each shipowner. In conclusion, the Stronger anchor winch model Steel Hands 35 is a reliable and efficient solution for yachts and boats, with a self-resetting function. It offers ease of use, high lifting capacity and versatility, making it the ideal choice for any boat owner looking for a safe and comfortable anchorage.


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