Boat motor lift. This is what boat owners often call this device. Outboard motors are an important part of the boat, but storing and maintaining them can be a challenge for owners. In such cases, a motor lift becomes an indispensable assistant. In this article we will look at what purposes it is needed for and why its use is so effective.

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Purpose: vertical lift for outboard motor:

A boat motor lift is designed to vertically raise and lower the motor. It can be used for a variety of purposes including:

1. Boat motor protection:

The lift allows you to avoid damage to the motor associated with constant contact with water or the surface on which the boat stands. Raising the motor after use helps prevent corrosion and extend the life of the motor.

2. Convenience and time saving:

The STRONGER outboard motor lift greatly simplifies the process of lowering and raising the motor. You no longer need to waste time on manual lifting devices or heavy lifting mechanisms. The lift allows you to easily and quickly raise or lower the motor using a hydraulic system.

Efficiency of use: hydraulic lift for boat motor:

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Using a boat motor lift has several advantages:

1. Increasing the performance of a boat motor:

Raising the motor helps reduce drag and improve the hydrodynamics of the boat. This results in increased speed and fuel economy.

2. Protection of the outboard motor from damage:

The STRONGER boat motor lift can lift the motor after use, preventing it from being damaged when colliding with obstacles in the water or on the shore. This is especially important in shallow water areas or when approaching the coast.

3.Ease of maintenance:

The raised motor provides easy access to the propeller, steering and other parts of the motor for maintenance and repair. This simplifies the maintenance process and increases its efficiency.

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Control unit and panel: hydraulic lift:

The STRONGER outboard motor lift can be equipped with a control system! Manufacturer STRONGER offers a hydraulic lift control unit and control panel for outboard motors. This system provides reliable and convenient elevator control. It allows you to precisely control the raising and lowering of the motor using an intuitive interface. The very important “favorite position” function will allow you to save time while fishing. You only need to accelerate the boat once. Fix your favorite position and then return to it every time simply by pressing the “M” button (memory)

Installation and connection of the unit and control panel:

Installation and connection of the unit and control panel: Installation of the hydraulic lift unit and control panel for STRONGER outboard motor is carried out in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The system is connected in accordance with the user manual. For more detailed information about the installation and connection process, it is recommended to refer to the video instructions available on the official STRONGER YouTube channel.

Conclusion: A boat motor lift is an essential accessory for boat owners. It provides convenience, protection and improves the efficiency of using the outboard motor. The STRONGER hydraulic lift control unit and control panel offer reliable and intuitive control. Installation and connection of the system is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.