The boat transom plates are an accessory that will help you to overcome problems with the weight distribution in your boat. You will be able to achieve fast gliding, as well as a number of other useful features. On our Youtube channel we have released a new video about controllable transom plates on the boat. This is a very useful device that helps in many situations on the water related to getting the boat on the glider, preventing trim on one side of the boat, as well as eliminating delphing. We hope this video will be useful for you our dear customers!

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Where to start when choosing transom plates!

Transom plates are necessary when your boat is not properly balanced, which makes it difficult to glide. Also if your boat rolls on one of the sides during high-speed transitions. If your passengers have different weights and so on. Well and of course they help in those cases when the wrong weighting of the boat to prevent dolphinization on its course.

What plates to choose!

Transom plates on the boat can be absolutely different. They can be rigidly fixed mechanical plates to the transom of the boat, they can be mechanical plates of spring type, the mechanism of which works on compression and uncompression of the spring depending on the speed of the boat. Finally it can be electric plates which are driven by electric or hydraulic actuators. Depending on your further requirements you should pay attention to one or another model.

Why STRONGER boards?

STRONGER boat transom plates are one of the great variety of plates on the market. We have tried to take into account all possible features in the design of our plates, which allowed us to maximize the efficiency of the plate form to the best results! Also the actuators we use are almost 2 times larger than similar models on the market. In this regard, we believe that the service life will be slightly increased from the standard values. Finally, the protection system against water getting inside the actuator is also quite unique and has several degrees of protection!