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As we promised earlier, we are starting the program cycle together with Weekender. About our new devices that we designed in 2021. To your attention the first film about the Sounder transducer regulator with an automatic version.

Indeed, this device is capable of amazing. It is a real serious addition to any fish finder, be it a budget version or a top-end one. Thanks to this device, now the “eyes” of your echo sounder will be as clear as possible without unnecessary distortions and gaps in information.

It is really worth trying it once, so that later you will not imagine the further use of the echo sounder without an automatic regulator!

The echo sounder transducer controller is a really big breakthrough in the field of echo location equipment. Now you will be able to see a clear picture on the screen of your echo sounder thanks to the fully autonomous version of the controller. Now your fish symbols will be in a stable state for fish parallel to the bottom of the water body. The depth of the water body will now be clearer and more accurate than ever before. You will be able to see this if you have an additional or backup echo sounder installed on your boat.

The echo sounder transducer regulator will allow you to avoid almost 70% of the problems of blowing the echo sounder sensor at high-speed transitions. And 100% avoid emergency situation in case of meeting with water debris and small obstacles. This will completely exclude fouling of the echo sounder sensor when the boat is parked. Since in our case it will be lifted automatically upwards out of the water. Thus its surface will always be clean.

The echo sounder transducer controller will allow you to finally understand the objects you see on the bottom of the water body. As the image transmission will be the most accurate without distortion. And finally one of the most important features! Now when there is a small wave on the reservoir your echo sounder will not show the same waves on the echo sounder screen. They certainly will not disappear completely because the electronics is not able to so quickly reflect the changes, but these fluctuations will become smoother, so you will still see the picture on the screen of your echo sounder as clear as possible given the circumstances.

In this article we will look at how to properly install an echo sounder sensor on a boat: tips and tricks. And let’s touch on the topic of automatic regulators from the STRONGER company.

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