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In today’s article we would like to tell you about the opportunities that are present in the anchor winch company «STRONGER» for hidden installation. We recommend reading the article: STRONGER anchor winch https://strongermarine.com/articles/yakornaya-lebedka/

And so we go. In the address of our company has received many letters and phone calls to tell about installation options windlass inside the bow of the boat.

Time goes on and requests fishermen grow. More recently, it was enough to simply install a winch on the bow of the vessel, and the issue was resolved. But now questions are rising fishermen. In addition to the anchor winch fishermen want to install on the nose taxiing motor, lamp, stairs and a lot of different functional things. In this case, the task is such that would have had a place to call on the boat with the bow.

Not an easy task, but that not having a nothing is impossible with this task easily cope experts on boat services. Our specialists have been invited to one of the installations windlass STEEL HANDS 40 to the pits when YAMAHA – Osokorky in Kiev on the street Diesel 1.

Leading specialist service Sergey provided an opportunity to capture the actual installation anchor winch. He noticed that in each boat there are various nuances of the hidden installation. Virtually all require structural reinforcement fabrication guides for mounting the winch, so it is necessary to observe the same manufacturer’s installation requirements, and it is at least roulsom alignment between the coil and the center of the winch, as their parallel arrangement relative to each other. Just Sergei noticed a big plus, which is in the Windlass «STRONGER» is an opportunity to change the position of the engine. With this winch has the ability to be installed in the most demanding conditions. It was also noticed that a customer bought separately from the winch extension roulsa Concealed took issue with the removal and placement of roller on the bow of the boat. It was enough just to tie rouls to a power strip and attach it to the bow of the boat. In the photo below you can evaluate the work of Sergei and his experts on the example of setting the anchor winch STEEL HANDS 40 one of their clients. https://stronger.in.ua/